Our Story

In 1962, Steve and Tami Bild started Bild Industries, initially conducting business out of a small rental unit in North Hollywood, California. Starting out with a limited inventory, they worked tirelessly to grow their business and within a few years of its inception, Bild moved to a larger space and started on a path of continuous growth and development throughout the 60s and 70s. In the early 80s, Randall Bild joined the company paving the way for the future in an evolving industry.

The company moved to Post Falls, Idaho in 1995. Invigorated by the beautiful surroundings and new, larger facilities and under Randy’s leadership, Bild Industries experienced substantial growth both in sales and product lines, and has expanded to a second building. Bild achieved ISO9001/AS9120 Certification in 2010, positioning itself as an even more desirable business partner.

Today, Bild Industries’ long-time tradition of valuing its customers with on-time delivery of quality aerospace fasteners is stronger than ever, and the company looks forward to a future of continued growth and prosperity.