Randall Bild


As President of Bild Industries since 1999, Randy has forged a highly productive, quality-based business enterprise. Since 1981, he has worked in the warehouse, Purchasing, Sales, Quality Control, and then served as Vice President prior to assuming his current position as President in 1999. Since then, Randy’s strong leadership skills have driven the company to increase sales and profits, continually improve quality levels and earn customer awards. While attending to daily internal corporate and quality activities, Randy still prefers to transact business with many of his long-term suppliers and customers personally.

Rich Wyatt

Sales Manager

Rich joined Bild Industries in 1985 as Assistant Warehouse Manager, where he gained hands-on product knowledge. Shortly thereafter, he transitioned to Sales, becoming the Manager in 1995. Since then, largely due to Rich’s extensive product knowledge, successful customer relationships, and effective Sales Team management, Bild Industries has enjoyed significant and ongoing expansion of its customer and sales bases.

Jessie Mackenzie

Purchasing Manager

Jessie has been with the company nearly 40 years. Her extensive knowledge of industry-specific product manufacturing, procurement, and distribution has enabled Bild Industries to continually guarantee competitive pricing. Additionally, Jessie’s effective supply chain management allows Bild Industries to maintain its long-standing reputation for delivering a quality product, on time.

Linda Moyer

Accounting Manager

Linda joined the Bild Industries Accounting Department in 1995; the same year the company relocated to Idaho. Soon after, she assumed her position as Accounting Manager. Under Linda’s management, Bild’s financial position has remained rock-solid, making Bild industries a desirable business partner.

Andy Olson

Warehouse Manager

Andy joined Bild in 2000. Since then, he has worked in all warehouse departments before assuming his current position. Under Andy’s management, productivity levels in Packaging, Shipping, and Receiving continue to grow without quality loss, and on-time delivery of quality product is continually ensured.